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Zamora / Fariza. Route: The river border

Cozcurrita is a small village that belongs to the municipality of Fariza to the southeast of Zamora.  It is located in the region of Sayago and forms part of the natural area of Los Arribes, on the other side of the Duero River from its Portuguese neighbor, Miranda do Douro.

The origins are uncertain so it is difficult to know its history.  Nevertheless, some sites discovered in the surrounding areas of Las Fraguas correspond to the Iron Age.  The toponymy in the area and the funeral stele that is found attached to the parish church of Fariza, gives evidence to a possible Roman presence.

It is more probable that it has its origins during the Early Medieval period according to the Church of Santa Maria Magdalena from the 13th Century.  This church is the first one to be intervened within the Románico Atlántico Intervention Plan.

This is a modest parish church which features a north doorway and bell cote framed by a beautiful natural landscape.
In the region of Sayago, the place names have Arabic roots which reflect an Andalusian influence.
This area to the west of Zamora possesses original bridges composed of large slabs of granite like the one in La Poza.  The path that connects the hermitage of Virgen del Castillo with Cozcurrita passes over the bridge.

Some other architectonic elements to highlight are: the monumental stone cross found in the outskirts of the village and an ancestral rack for branding.  In addition to these, there are traditional windmills in the surrounding areas. 
It is also possible to visit the nearby International Biological Station of Duero.



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