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The church of San Martín de Castañeda will once again fill up with music with Atlantic Romanesque

The church of San Martín de Castañeda will once again fill up with music with Atlantic Romanesque

For the fifth consecutive year, the managers of the Atlantic Romanesque Intervention Plan have planned a concert in the church of Santa María in the monastery locates in San Martín de Castañeda

The concert is part of the cultural activities organized to promote the knowledge, revitalization and diffusion of heritage in the areas in which it intervenes.

The performance will happen under the tenor Moisés Molín and the piano player Manuel Valencia and will take place on Wednesday, the 29th of August at 20h30. Entrance will be free up to the full capacity of the space.

The intervention of the Atlantic Romanesque Plan in the church of San Martín de Castañeda did not end with the conditioning and transformation of the sacristy into a chapel adapted to the needs and use of the faithful. The work of the team and managers continued, focused in making the church a focus and reference of cultural revitalization.

Therefore, during the last years the church has received several performances by Dulsica, the Grupo de Música Antigua de la Universidad de Valladolid, the Quartet NEUMA group and the Grupo de Música de Cámara Scherzo. This is the tenor Moisés Molín and the pianist Manuel Valencia will be the ones to offer a new concert, titled “Joyas del patrimonio musical” [Jewels of the musical heritage], in which they will perform popular songs by authors such as Agustín Lara, Manuel de Falla, Amadeo Vives or Giacomo Puccini, amongst others.


Moisés Molín is a known Asturian spinto tenor trained in Bologna (Italy) and in Saint Petersburg that has the Superior Title in Music in the Escuela Superior de Canto and a private diploma in Dramatic Art with Juan Carlos Corazza. In the latest years he has perfected in technique, consolidating a large repertoire and performing over a thousand concerts, besides performing in over 300 opera concerts, as a soloist in prayer centres and symphonic pieces in Spain, Central and Mediterranean Europe, Russia, Japan, Israel, Mexico, Malta and Dominican Republic, amongst others. Since 2009 he is developing his own educational project, Sustainable Opera, in Italy, Spain and Mexico; an initiative dedicated to spread the love for lyrical music amongst the youngest and defend the equality of opportunities in the access to quality culture.

In the concert in San Martín de Castañeda he will be accompanied by the pianist Manuel Valencia, famed performer, specialized in the Italian opera repertoire of the XIX century, investigator, composer, orchestra director and professor in singers’ preparation.


Atlantic Romanesque

Their performance will be possible thanks to the work of the Atlantic Romanesque Plan, a trans-border cooperation initiative for the conservation of Cultural Heritage, that includes restoration and valuing of over twenty Romanesque churches located in the Spanish provinces of Zamora and Salamanca and in the Portuguese regions of Porto, Vila Real and Bragança.

The Plan is an example of institutional cooperation and public-private participation, since it is promoted by the Junta de Castilla y León, the Fundación Iberdrola and the Ministerio de Cultura de Portugal. The works in Spain have been entrusted to the Fundación Santa María la Real del Patrimonio Histórico and are developed in collaboration with the dioceses of each territory.

For the accomplishment of the concert, besides the Ayuntamiento de Galende the Parish and Holiday Commission have also collaborated, specifically in the edition and distribution of the advertising posters.

The church of San Martín de Castañeda will once again fill up with music with Atlantic Romanesque
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