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The church of San Martín de Castañeda is going to be filled with music within the Atlantic Romanesqu

The church of San Martín de Castañeda is going to be filled with music within the Atlantic Romanesqu

For the fourth consecutive year the Atlantic Romanesque Intervention Plan has programmed a concert at the church of Santa María in the Monastery of San Martín de Castañeda.

The concert is part of the cultural activities organized in order to promote the awareness, boosting and spreading of the heritage from the regions where actions have been carried out.

The show is going to be carried out by the chamber music group Scherzo and it is going to take place next Wednesday, August 30th at 8:30p.m., the entrance will be free until seating capacity is reached.

The actions carried out by the Atlantic Romanesque Plan at the church of San Martín de Castañeda didn’t come to an end with the refurbishment works and the transformation of the sacristy into a chapel adapted to the needs and the use of the parishioners. The work of the team and those responsible for the Plan still goes on and it is now focused on turning the church into a benchmark of cultural boosting.

Therefore in the late years the church has hosted several concerts provided by Dulsica, the Old Music Group of the University of Valladolid and Neuma Quartet. This time the concert is going to be carried out by Scherzo, a Chamber Music Group with a concert named Scintilla.

According to the musicians of the group, the title refers to the Latin saying “Parva saepe scintilla magnum incendium insperato excitat”, which means “The small spark often leads to an unexpectedly large fire”. Scherzo aims to reach this with its concert “a varied musical journey, different and free from cohesion within itself, a group of small musical sparks throughout time which are expected to generate a “fire” of emotions”



This group of Chamber Music was formed in 2007 within the Professional Conservatory of Music in Valladolid, the Youth Symphonic Orchestra of Castile and León and the School of Musical Excellence under the guidance of top level teachers. The group is made up of Iria Iglesias Kristen (flute); Adriana Alonso García (oboe); Miguel Repiso López (clarinet); Jorge López Tejada (fagot) and María Martín González (soprano). All of them have degrees in higher education at the most prestigious centers in Castile and León, Basque Country, Asturias, Madrid and Portugal.

Its work has been awarded at several competitions and it received the “Prize for Young Interpreters of Wind and Percussion Instruments” by Valladolid Council. At its tenth anniversary Scherzo has consolidated as a professional, enthusiast and versatile group of chamber music with very high interpretation requirements.


Atlantic Romanesque

The show will be possible thanks to the work of the Atlantic Romanesque Plan, a transboundary cooperation program for the preservation of cultural heritage that includes restoration projects and enhancement of about twenty Romanesque churches situated in the Spanish regions of Zamora and Salamanca and the Portuguese regions of Oporto, Vila Real and Bragança.

The Plan is an example of institutional cooperation and public-private participation since it is promoted by the Regional Government of Castile and León, Iberdrola Foundation and the Secretary of State for Culture from Portugal. The works in Spain have been carried out by Santa María la Real Foundation for the Cultural Heritage and are developed in cooperation with the dioceses of each territory.

The Town Council of Galende has also taken part in the organization of the concert by publishing and distributing the advertising posters.

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